South Africa has this neat tradition.  When you say hello to somebody, even a complete stranger, before you may engage in any kind of conversation with them, you need to ask how they are.  It is how it is done.  Failure to do so is considered rude.

You don’t have to CARE how they are.  You need to ask, and you need to tell them you are fine.  Even if you are dying inside, hung over, or plotting homicide, you tell them you are fine.


Life really is all a matter of perspective, isn’t it? 


These days, when people ask me how I am, I put actual thought into the question and answer truthfully. Sometimes, they’re a little shocked at the answer, which makes me wonder whether they really wanted to hear it, but the fact that we’re able to feel all the emotions life has to offer is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? And, while being positive definitely has its merit, we should take the time to acknowledge how we are feeling, rather than going through life telling every one how “fine” we are. I’m seldom “fine”. I’m often “great”, frequently “fabulous”, occasionally “not doing so good”, sometimes “really feeling dismal” but, generally, I’m “grateful to be alive to answer your question and blessed to know that you care”, and I mean that in all sincerity.


So, how are you today?