Human beings are strange creatures. We hold on, with all our will and might, to relationships long dead. Or worse, those so rotten that what is left sours those in it, twisting and reshaping them until they can no longer recognise the person they were. 

Sometimes, the relationship is not “bad” in any sense one can describe or define, it simply no longer is. And yet, the parties go through the motions, doing what needs to be done, to put on an appearance of commitment so that not even they recognise that what they’re holding in their hand is a whip, and that what’s lying at their feet is a long-dead horse. 

Sad, isn’t it? And yet, somehow, noble. We hang on, we persevere, we try. We rekindle flames long thought dead and we hold onto hope that feelings will change, harsh words be forgiven or withdrawn and that, somehow, love will again triumph. 

Pitiful. A bit like wolves and swans….