I was raised to believe in a God of justice, mercy and love. I was raised to believe in the power of divine forgiveness and the promise of eternal life to those who will simply follow the strictures laid down in the Holy Book.

I’m now older, wiser, and a lot more cynical. I don’t believe in a God, be it a God of mercy, a God of justice, or a God of divine retribution. I no longer believe that forgiveness is to be found in the confines of the confessional, or that healing is to be found in the power of prayer.

It’s just too easy. It’s just too trite. And it’s just bloody evil.

Humanity is what will save us from ourselves. It will save us from hurting people – from hurting those we love, and from hating those who are different. Humanity will make us conscious of our place on this planet, in this time, and with those around us. The promise of eternal life is a bull shit excuse for those who don’t want to take responsibilty for TODAY. For what they do, say, think or feel NOW.

God is not your salvation. You are your salvation. You are not responsible to the Sky Bully for what you do wrong. You are responsible to the people that you share this space and time with.

So, for humanity’s sake, stop the judging, the victimising, the holier-than-thouing. If prayer brings you peace, then pray. If the belief in an afterlife brings you solace, then believe.

But remember : you share the planet with other PEOPLE. Not with your God.